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It is wretched that they should have to do so, and it is wrong, terribly wrong, of society that it should force them to do so. Synonyms for wretched abject deplorable depressed despicable forlorn gloomy hopeless miserable pathetic pitiful tragic woeful afflicted base bummed calamitous cheap contemptible dejected disconsolate distressed dolorous down down-and-out downcast faulty flimsy hapless hurting in the pits inferior low low-down mean melancholy paltry pitiable poor shabby shameful sordid sorrowful sorry spiritless unfortunate unhappy vile weak woebegone worthless MOST RELEVANT.

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No wonder Florence has a hard time of it; but isn't it wretched of me to gossip? None are completely wretched but those who are without hope. Few are reduced so low as that. William Hazlitt.

Best Hope Without Low. Death is easier than a wretched life; and better never to have born than to live and fare badly. Life Death Better Live. Even the most wretched individual of our present society could not exist and develop without the cumulative social efforts of countless generations. Mikhail Bakunin.

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Society Present Without Individual. For the wretched one night is like a thousand; for someone faring well death is just one more night.

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  6. Death Night Someone Like. The old, subjective, stagnant, indolent and wretched life for woman has gone. She has as many resources as men, as many activities beckon her on. As large possibilities swell and inspire her heart.

    Wretched: Muslim women confront a Christian.

    Anna Julia Cooper. Life Heart Woman Men. Happy is he who has gained the wealth of divine thoughts, wretched is he whose beliefs about the gods are dark. Thoughts Happy Dark Wealth.

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    The wretched have no compassion, they can do good only from strong principles of duty. Samuel Johnson. Good Strong Compassion Duty. It's such a nice change to get to play a wretched, shallow, mergers-and-acquisitions woman. My true colors come out. Sigourney Weaver. Change Woman Colors Nice. Load more quotes. Prev 1 2 3 Next. Explore Topics Motivational Quotes. Life Quotes.

    A wretched creature

    Inspirational Quotes. Positive Quotes. Attitude Quotes. Smile Quotes. Funny Quotes. Synonyms : lissom , lissome , lithesome , slender , supple , svelte , sylphlike. English Thesaurus. Main navigation Synonyms Antonyms Definitions. Antonyms for wretched. Antonyms for adjective wretched Main entry: despicable, slimy, ugly, unworthy, worthless, wretched, vile Definition: morally reprehensible Usage: would do something as despicable as murder; ugly crimes; the vile development of slavery appalled them; a slimy little liar Antonyms: good , goodness Definition: moral excellence or admirableness Usage: there is much good to be found in people Antonyms: good Definition: morally admirable.

    Antonyms: superior , superordinate , higher-up Definition: one of greater rank or station or quality Antonyms: superior Definition: of or characteristic of high rank or importance Usage: a superior ruler Antonyms: superior Definition: of high or superior quality or performance Usage: superior wisdom derived from experience; superior math students Antonyms: superior Definition: having an orbit farther from the sun than the Earth's orbit Usage: Mars and Jupiter are the closest in of the superior planets. Antonyms: fortunate Definition: having unexpected good fortune Usage: other, less fortunate, children died; a fortunate choice.

    Antonyms: comfortable Definition: free from stress or conducive to mental ease; having or affording peace of mind Usage: was settled in a comfortable job, one for which he was well prepared; the comfortable thought that nothing could go wrong; was comfortable in his religious beliefs; she's a comfortable person to be with; she felt comfortable with her fiance's parents. Antonyms: happy Definition: enjoying or showing or marked by joy or pleasure Usage: a happy smile; spent many happy days on the beach; a happy marriage.

    Today's word lithe Definition: adj moving and bending with ease Synonyms : lissom , lissome , lithesome , slender , supple , svelte , sylphlike.