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I was diagnosed at 48 years old. My PF is rapidly progressive. I get hospitalized on average 8 times a year.

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It all depends on the person. I am reading these comments since I have read on side effects of an antibiotic I am starting and see that idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis is one possible, rare side effect. It would be terrible to succomb to this condition and have no idea how it developed. Just letting you know what I know. I will only be taking this med for 7 days.

It had another name also. I would look in the past to see if it developed as a side effect of a medication, especially an antibiotic. Mine is for a urinary tract infection. Hi Judy and Franklin my husband was recently diagnosed with PF, he is on hour oxygen. Are any of you on hour oxygen now? Tonya, in the same boat as you, I was exposed to zinc chloride smoke daily for 25 years, also have emphysema.

Hi Darlene. My mom passed away from IPF on December 27 She was 80 yrs old and was diagnosed about 4yrs ago. Mom was healthy never smoked. This disease is very progressive but everyone has different factors. Also Ofev or Esbriet but they can have awful side effects and very expensive, but can slow down the disease.

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Considering your age a lung transplant is the way to go. There is no cure for this disease only meds that will slow down the progression of IPF. So wish my mom could have been a candidate for a lung transplant would have saved her from this deadly disease. So please look into it sooner than later because it can possible save your life. It can take a long process even before you get lung transplant. Keep your faith and your daughter even closer. My mom is gone out of sight but she is with me always. My father is 81 with PF. His sats are quite high but only has his left lung working.

Very distressing for him. That psalm is a great comfort and will give you something that will go through into eternity….


Try serrapeptase you can buy on Amazon Chinese have used this for thousands of years. Yes I have serrapeptase breaks down the scar tissue it eliminates it through the waste system. I had surgery in January and it was diagnosed. I take OFEV and serrapeptase to help clear my right lung. Before my diagnosis i started breathing easier. Ironic I helped someone with out access to modern medicine and serrapeptase was one of the ingredients a Chinese Pharmacy suggested!

The Prince of Tennis Vol. 41

Now she is in the very late stages. Which one there have been over 2, in recorded history?

The Prince of Tennis Vol. 41

Read up neurotheology and sociobiology and you will quickly realize that God exists in our minds only. I was diagnosed June Anyway as far as I aware people wanting info about Serrapeptase supplementation should consider checking out Good Health Naturally website which has lots of health advice and includes Serrapeptase supplements and background etc.

Hi Judy, I was just diagnosed a month ago with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. They are going to start me on OFEV. I was just wondering how you are doing if maybe we can stay in touch? Thanks for listening Kathy. Hi Kathy…. I was diagnosed with PF in January of I received a call yesterday from Pulmonologist saying PF is progressing quickly now.

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  • Stay in touch if I can help Dixie. Hi kathi. I was just diagnosed with IPF in January Started OFEv last month.

    Prince of Tennis, Vol. 41

    Planning to in May when they come to visit. My father is in the final stages and now entering Hospice. The biggest surprise was how quickly he declined in the fifth year. Get on a lung transplant list early and keep in touch with the transplant team. Husband has been on Ofev for 2years.

    After being on esbriet. A terrible medication w horrible side affects. Been stable now for a while. Have also been giving him 2tab organic cider vinegar in water every day.

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    Seems to help with the cough. I was on it for over a year….. Lost 55 lbs. Really screwed up my digestive track …. She is on Ofer as well. Blessings and prayers to you and my wife. Everyone is different. I understand it is a good drug with good results. Hope it works for you. My mom just was diagnosed with IPF. My moms Proverbs —22 My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayings.

    Let them not depart from thine eyes; keep them in the midst of thine heart. For they are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh. I am 63 now. I was diagnosed in October I exercise three times a week for 2 houra at a gym and do a yoga class also.

    I have been taking Ofev for about 2 or 3 years and it definitely helps. Although, my regular Pft tests keep getting worse, I still have just shortness of breath when I climb stairs or do cardio exorcises. So there is hope. I know its coming. I am ready for the Transplant, going to Mass, and enjoying family and life in the meantime. Have RA and fibromyalgia and Sjourgrens. Will be starting Esbriet so hoping I see good results. I have 7 grandkids I want to see grow up. How fast is your PFT decreasing? My Husbands is going down by 5 every 6 months. I am so worried. My partner was diagnosed yesterday so we are reeling now and trying to find out as much as possible, between many waves of panic and upset. Any advice starting off would be most welcome. The medical community is working to generate organs such as lungs using your own stem cells. Contact your federal lawmakers and ask them to continue funding stem cell research for replacement organs.

    Cause it worked against bronchial asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, colds, and helped my heart too. Any herbs for lungs help. I avoid sugars and flour products. Has the herbs help with the cough. Also do you know if has helped improve breathing function tests? Very interested in herbal Med for Ipf. Judy i am Bob,59 pulmanary fibrosis came 2 yrs ago after dermatomyositis started 6 years ago.

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    Short of breath now. Jesus has it all figured out. Tired if suffering and look forward to going home. You are right, Judy. Faith in God through Jesus Christ is our only hope.