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Read More Agrarianism and the Good Society: Land, Culture, Conflict, and Hope Every society expresses its fundamental values and hopes in the ways it inhabits its landscapes.

Wendell Berry and the Agrarian Tradition

In this exploration, this book raises difficult questions about America's core values while illuminating the social origins of urban sprawl, dwindling wildlife habitats, and over-engineered rivers. These and other land-use crises, it contends, arise mostly because of cultural attitudes that made sense on the American frontier but now threaten the land's ecological fabric.

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To support and sustain healthy communities, profound adjustments will be required. The research carried out for this book lead down some unusual paths.

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The book probes Charles Frazier's novel Cold Mountain for Read More From the Farm to the Table: What All Americans Need to Know about Agriculture As with other areas of human industry, it has been assumed that technological progress would improve all aspects of agriculture.

Technology would increase both efficiency and yield, or so we thought.

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The directions taken by technology may have worked for a while, but the same technologies that give us an advantage also create disadvantages. Land, livelihood, and lives are lost in With his unique perspective and far-reaching vision, Berry poses complex questions about humankind and our relationship to the land and offers simple but profound solutions.

Wendell Berry: Life and Tolkien Many readers drawn into the heroic tales of J. In their view, the environment is largely a product of how we talk about the world.

Agrarian society

Because the environment is a social construction, the only hope we have of preserving it is to understand and alter the fundamental ways we discuss it. This collection first examines the ways Read More Energy From Alcohol: The Brazilian Experience Both strategic and economic considerations make desirable the development of alternatives to petroleum as a source of energy and chemicals.

Alcohol is one such alternative, and the experience of Brazil, a world leader in its production, provides a unique contribution to industrial policy for other nations. This book will be a valuable reference for all those concerned with energy sources for the future. NatureTo be welcomed as an encouraging report on what Privacy Copyright.

Nancy Turner : Indigenous environmental knowledge & environmental values in land use planning

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Thompson , the W. Sustainability and Environmental Philosophy. The Philosophy of Farming in America. The Moral Significance of Land.

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Farming as a Focal Practice. Food and Community. Why Philosophy Matters for Agricultural Policy. Sustainability as a Norm.