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The Bible in Basic English

The phenomenon of being sensitized, or perhaps you might say it is a process of being desensitized, to a specific thought, statement, or idea that is constantly at work in our lives, plays a huge part in being unable to accept anything that is different from the truth we already have accepted. Our beliefs have become part of us on so many levels. We are so entrenched in our behaviors and beliefs that the only way to combat the brainwashing we have undergone is to embark on a serious exploration of a belief.

For some of us it is almost to the point of submitting to a de-programming. Therefore, I would have to say the reader who quickly rejects my theories without questioning their own is brainwashed already. It seems what is likely to be accomplished by the repetition in this book, is that you and I will eventually be de-programmed.

In the healthiest sense, we are then free from the oppressive chains of our entrenched thoughts and beliefs that have been erroneously planted in our minds. You will find that in letting go of a belief in Satan and demons, we have effectively been exorcised because the belief is not from demons; the belief itself is the demon. How do these fruits of brainwashing make their way into our fragile psyches? How does a concrete belief in Satan latch itself on to the left hemisphere of our brain? I believe beliefs such as this traverse the road of logic and critical thought and enter the land of unquestioned acceptance in the part of our brain that holds the belief system.

This is largely due to the repetition of an idea we are subjected to by our associations. The principles and collective behaviors that represent a belief are present during interactions with each of our particular faith groups or communities. Our explicit association causes us to take on the beliefs and values of that faith group without questioning the beliefs or values.

The fear of rejection is strong in most humans and therefore, when a consensus seems to be present in a faith group, the person with questions will often dishonor their gut feeling and just go with the flow. Even though a person feels like something is worthy of questioning they reject and suppress the desire to question the norm. Going with the flow in this manner opens the human mind to fully receiving a deceptive concept and even moves one down the path of building a case to affirm the deception.

Ultimately, the deception is not even considered unusual and the initiate has become fully engaged with and fully accepted by the rest of the group who holds the same position. To put it succinctly; if you hang out with religious folk who believe something, you are likely going to adopt that belief. Consider a little Muslim child who plays in the street with a little Jewish boy at the age of three or four. How does that child become the Radical Muslim teenager who plots a suicide bomb attack to kill people? He was engulfed, even overwhelmed, by a collective consciousness that included a repetitive mantra.

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This mantra persisted throughout his early life and into his teen years. The process would have continued into his adult life had he not ended his life and 10 or 20 other lives by blowing himself to pieces in a crowded street in Baghdad.

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Going to a school that propagates this mindset and connecting with friends of a similar belief are all seen as normal things to do in the culture the young boy lives in. The child is given no weapons with which to contest the psychological and philosophical teaching he is receiving. Nor is he afforded any mental or emotional resources to contend with those who are already way past the initiate level in the systematic development of creating a loyal follower of this belief system.

For this child and many like him all over the world, it is repetition that guides the mind and beliefs of the initiate. The teaching that Allah will be pleased with a Muslim who kills infidels, as the Koran is said to instruct, has been accepted because of the mantra-like recurrence of those themes. Now, I am aware this is the case of an extremist thinking but it is observable in our world today. This thinking is often coupled with a belief that the murderous Muslim will be rewarded in the afterlife with a harem of virgins. It is a belief that was accepted as a powerful truth not to be questioned.

It is unquestioned not because it is truth rather because of the inexorable repetition with which it continued to emanate into the life of the initiate. To the intuitive outsider, the force of the group consciousness that drives the acceptance of this mantra is overwhelmingly surreal.

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  6. However, for the young mind who is repeatedly subjected to it, it is not seen as unusual at all. The people of the culture that has embraced this mantra as one of its guiding principles or beliefs has a strong reticence to challenge it. How many people really attempt to find the reason and origin for their beliefs?

    Do people…do you, try to either prove the validity of a belief or remove it as a truth from your belief system? It is the rare few individuals who can stomache the process of true exploration of their own beliefs. Only those who have somehow on some level come to realize their identity can break free of the group-think.

    Dr. J. Vernon McGee :: Satan: Who is He?

    Once they understand themselves to be an individual apart from the group, that person can find the resources to seek out answers to the why questions. It is particularly hard to go against the grain of group- think when doing so truly places the free thinker out on a proverbial limb feeling alone. Fear of man has got a hold on most who claim to be free thinkers. The only way to overcome the effects of a repeated mantra that has slowly brainwashed millions into believing lies, is to present the truth in many forms for the mind of the brainwashed to slowly ingest.

    I am sorry however, that you and I have been brainwashed by a system of religion and culture that we freely gave our minds to. Have We Lost Our Minds? Can you answer these questions? Or, Do you have those beliefs because a mantra has been repeated to you as far back as you can remember? Has culture dictated what you should believe?

    Or, Have you decided what to believe based on your own examination of the available options? With the help of true wisdom and an openness to correcting a view that may be mistakenly adopted, you will be able to reject the past untruth about Satan and accept the present truth. A truth that boasts the existence of one God and no Satan. Does it sound like I am trying to sell you some new truth that no one has ever heard before? I read and interesting way to put it the other day. Take for example the simple fluid of life — blood. If you look at blood from one perspective, that is the perspective of a petri dish of blood sitting on the table, you see blood.

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    However, when your perspective changes, when you place that blood under a high power microscope, you see that blood from a completely new vantage point. The blood is still the same as it was before the microscope came into the picture but now you see it for what it really is. You see it in a way that gives you a complete…or at least more complete picture of blood. Maybe it will be easier for you to accept this truth if you see it as being reclaimed for your benefit, peered at through a different lens such as a microscope, and seen from a refreshed perspective as opposed to it being a brand new truth for you to accept.

    God just might be in the business of revealing and restoring truth to those who claim to be lovers of the truth. Revealed and reclaimed truth is often brought to light by numerous individuals who have had the pleasure of seeing through the years and layers of the lies that hide the truth from most of the world. As has been discussed before, the heliocentric model of the universe where the Sun is the center of the solar system seemed brand new to many in the Catholic Church when it was first presented.

    When in fact, it had been a truth that was present in several ancient cultures, long before Copernicus and Galileo advanced it in the 14th and 15th centuries. The astronomical position of the Earth in relation to the Sun did not change; it simply was re-understood by exploring it through a different lens. An error in belief about the Sun and Earth realationship was fed to the masses. That error was accepted as accurate. Changing the error back to the truth was a very extraneous process for those involved. So too has the concept of a cosmic Satan continually been thrust into common theology and has been effective to hide a truth that was known long ago.

    I do not have a new truth to share with you but I am one of many who bring to the table a truth that has long ago been lost and forgotten by most of Christianity, Judaism, Messianism, Islam, and other various faiths of the world. So, if I must be frank, my little mantra is repetitive throughout this book only so that it will not be drowned out by the blaring volume of the things one already believes.

    That said, we should be able to find evidence of a number of things in the New Testament that support the claims I am making of who and what the satan is. We should find evidence that is supportive of the doctrine that says there exists an adversarial force emanating from Yahweh. Can we find evidence in the New Testament that identifies the adversary satan is a human being acting in opposition to another human? If the words used however, are meaning what most have come to believe they mean, then there is no case for stating the Apostolic Testimony fully supports the Hebrew Scriptures.

    Because if that is the case then the doctrine of Satan and demons that is found in the New Testament is not found or supported in the Old Testament as scores of religious and secular scholars have attested to. I throw down the challenge to explore the evidence in Volume 2.

    The Bible in Basic English

    I ask you to be fair in assessing the logic and evidence. To be fair to the reader, if Satan is not real then you are right to ask for an explanation of all the places it seems he is found in the New Testament. And take heart, these things are all explainable. Some might want to just ignore the apostolic record, as it seems too difficult to mine out the meaning of the metaphorical language underlying the English used in the copies we have today.

    Perhaps that is the appropriate course for some. Alternatively, perhaps it would be prudent not to ignore the available record, but rather try to see how verses such as these would be understood in their correct cultural and linguistic context. That is to place the saying back into the mind of the speaker and consider what he may have been meaning when he spoke those words. Should we understand a statement in an ancient document through the lens of today or should we try to understand it through the lens of the day wherein it was written? We definitely stand to glean far greater insight by attempting to understand the verses in the way they might have been understood by the hearer.

    A hearer who was a citizen of an ancient Aramaic culture. When considering the verses in the New Testament that mention the word Satan, many believers quickly jump to the conclusion the words just mean what they say; therefore, they assert, Satan is real.