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The questions and prayers He does answer show His love, compassion, mercy, and grace for me as His child. God makes it known that He sees me by what He does for me through others actions and words, I instantly know it is a God thing. I make it a commitment that each night after I put my kiddos to bed, I spend time with God in His word and Bible Study because this ensures me that God sees me too. I know that He is with me wherever I go and knows exactly who I am. Self- awareness is what we need God to be calling us out of but its hard because its what culture says is right today.

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We have to look perfect to be acceptable. Once again powerful and moving! How often have we as women second guessed how we look or appear? In future I will be more aware of being a woman of valor and less aware of how my jacket falls!

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I have been praying each and every day for six years to the Lord for my son to be returned to me. I have had no contact with him at all since he was 17 and will turn 23 in a few weeks. I pray back His Promises to me daily, but I feel unheard. My ex-husband bought him away from me in one day with money.

I keep hearing in order to heal, you must be heard! My heart has been so heavy for a long six years, to the point where it is destroying my health.


Why does God allow such an evil man to get ahead in life, despite the numerous children he has used to hurt other women? He abandoned two little girls 25 years ago to hurt his ex-wife. I was told every day how ugly, disgusting, repulsive I was. Still, I pick myself up each morning and head to a senior community center to teach the Word of God to the elderly who are nearing death. So, my Quest will continue despite His unanswered prayers from God, a God that I believe wants a mother and son to be reunited. I will continue on my Quest to tying so desperately to look for his answers through others, experiences, parables or an event to heal my shattered heart.

Who are you, Lord? Do you see me???? Judy — I have no answers for you but I just wanted you know know that I will be lifting you up in prayer.

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You are loved and cherished. My heart breaks for you. I hear you in so many things you wrote. My husband lost his children for 12 years and I prayed everyday they would return and the same as you I felt nothing. After 12 years she reached out and we connected but it had to be her choice. Our relationship is so much better then we could have imagined so keep praying God hears your prayers.


I listened to that a lot of my life and was filled with shame and feeling unworthyness. I pray you see God how he sees you. Sarah, I thank you so very much for your kind response as well as sharing your story.

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It does give me hope. As a mother to lose her only child to unknown lies has nearly killed me, but I thank you for your prayers, encouragement and for giving me some hope.

Are you calm about it? Find peace. Forgive, also yourself. Let it go. Let God.

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Start to say thank you- And wait silently words can close doors , patiently. What did the father in the Bible do, when his son returned? Judy, that is so tough. We know from Scripture that God hears His children and answers every prayer. Our advice would be to talk with your pastor or your church leaders. They will be able to pray with you and point you to any resources in your area for you and your family. We recommend programs like Celebrate Recovery and websites like aacc. Focus on the Family also has a help center you can call or contact via their website family. Thank you so much, Jessica. I will just keep on praying, spreading the Word To the elderly in hospice care, and I know that God will come through and hear my prayers eventually.

Thank you again. In you quest toward intimacy with God, do you find yourself more often walking with purpose or wandering? I feel that my whole existence factors in the fact that I am part of the kingdom of God.

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It influences everything. I certainly have!! I believe it is because I have had to lean in to Him and have found that He is faithful to be with me and keep me. I have studied His Word and hidden it in my heart, I know that to those who love Him and obey His commands, He loves and He reveals Himself and will live in them John I have been shown that nothing in this world can satisfy me, and that I am positionally in a place of victory already with Christ — He is the Anchor for my soul, firm and secure Hebrews — the veil separating me from the Holy Place was torn from top to bottom Matt.

Hebrews Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence; so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. I must trust His love and grace to convict not condemn and forgive me when I fail and know that He will continue to lead me forward — because it is His job come Holy Spirit to mold me into the image of Christ.

God has made it known to me that He see me: Through the confirmation of His Word and speaking to me during study; when He gives me needed times of refreshing right in the nick of time; through the inner confirmation of the Holy Spirit; by changing circumstances or bringing things or opportunities into my life that I know could only be from Him.

As the world grows colder and more anti-Christ ian , and cultural norms and civility are flying out the window, it sometimes becomes very difficult to love those around me. I often think of Christians being really persecuted for their faith in other countries and how they risk their lives to bring the gospel to those who are burning their churches and murdering their families.

I feel that I really need the love of Christ flowing through me because, on my own strength, I am unable to love as He loves. I love how Beth noted that Jesus, even though he was speaking of the woman to Simon, turned to look at the woman as He was speaking Luke 7 He is noticing her love and loving her back all the while He is talking to Simon. In my quest towards intimacy with God, I find myself more often walking with wander trying to figure out my purpose for my life and what God has in store for me.

Although, I do tend to wander more, I also do find or long for that purpose in my quest. My intimacy with God definitely has its purpose and good intentions, but I sometimes get lost on my journey and quest as to what God wants from me for my life. Since becoming a mom and wife, I have lost who I am individually so becoming more intimate with God helps me find who I am within myself and through Him. Being a part of the kingdom of God factors into my daily living by my actions, words, and thoughts. On a daily basis being in the kingdom of God reflects how I interact with others, how I deal with my stress and anxiety, how I handle my fear with the unknown, how I react and show my feelings, and how I mother and be the best spouse I can be.

Being in the kingdom of God everyday is really what gets me through my days knowing that I can have great peace and hope for my life with Trust all in my Lord. Question 2 it factors into my daily living every second. I try to seek peace and pursue it actively. I will say I find myself wandering but not in a bad way just I really feel no heavy yolk and though I actively chose to sew to please the Sprite sometimes its just a nice surprise to let God navigate and not have to be in charge myself.

I trust Him. Question 4. I was an atheist. I was in a situation that no one wants their 13 year old daughter to be in, but God intervened in such a way that I realized that something divine saw my predicament and cared enough and had the power to do something about it. But I was shocked. I went looking for what had intervened. I love the idea that we are women warriors. It is for women, too. That is just plain wrong. In my Quest towards intimacy with God I wander some days and on other days I have purpose….

I am going to be more purposeful, with the help of the Holy Spirit. It has brought the focus into a sharper and kinder light that I am passing through this world and my troubles here are but for a moment. I have recently walked with my sister through this dark valley till she reached her kingdom reward and also a dear friend whose husband has not received his miracle for ;his health and whom I pray has made his peace with God.

His wife and I have spent many days and years praying it is well with his soul. I think sometimes I walk with purpose and other times I am a wanderer. I know that I feel better and get more joy from life, respond better to challenges, etc.