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Paris: Imprimerie Nationale, , I, Paris: Jean-Baptiste Coignard, , I, Je me moque de cela, et ne veux point mourir si jeune. In her address to husbands in the plural, we might be tempted to see a determined and singular rail against patriarchy on behalf of other young women.

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Publicly, before witnesses, her prospective lover, and her husband, she declares that she has no intention of being bound by sacred vows, purposely withholds her consent, and flatly repudiates any notion of loving, honoring, and obeying. This is one of several parodies of religious ceremonial in the play, such as the direct referencing of the sacrament of penance when George kneels, not before his father confessor but rather his father-in-law, and almost ritualistically repeats a formula that closely resembles an act of contrition 3.

While her stance may be interpreted as striking a blow for filial rebellion, feminine emancipation, or quite simply hedonism, there is no room for doubt about the absence of her personal assent to this wedding. Socially mixed partnerships, misalliances, and seemingly on occasion the very institution of early modern marriage are all mercilessly pilloried at various moments of the play; yet, while facilitating the scheming infidelity of a calculating woman who has succeeded in inflicting extreme humiliation on her husband, marriage is not mocked or subverted at all, since there is, in fact, no marriage to begin with.

She has simulated her acquiescence, and she pronounces that the entire match was not a free choice on her part as soon as George wants to know what is amiss. Canon Law baldly sets out the crucial issue of internal consent: even if both parties go through the motions of the proscribed ritual before a priest, no sacrament takes place as long as one party does not freely desire to enter into the arrangement.

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In simulating marital consent a person signifies that he has the intention of marrying, whereas his true intention is precisely the antithesis of this, namely, the intention of not contracting marriage. Total simulation thus implies the existence of two acts of the will on the part of the simulator.

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In the first place, there is the intention of not marrying. Secondly, there is the intention of making a false manifestation of consent. Fathers of the Dominican Province, 5 vols.

New York: Franklin, ; repr. While the simulation of consent was a relatively rare cause for parties to seek annulments before ecclesi- astical tribunals, it is far from being marginal. Moliere wrote, directed, and starred in comedies for public and court audiences in seventeenth-century France.

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He is perennially successful, but perennially subject to critical controversy: do his plays aim to do more than make audiences laugh? This book focuses on a group of characters in the plays, the interpretation of whose role lies at the heart of any answer to this question.

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For over a century critics have baptised them 'raisonneurs'. They are characterswho engage with some of Molire's most foolish protagonists, but they have been variously interpreted as exponents of wisdom or as ridiculous bores. This book argues that new light can be shed on the words and actions of these characters, and so on the tenor of the plays as a whole, by detailed contextualanalysis of the dramaturgical and comic structures in which they operate. They have never before been treated so exhaustively.

Moliere Reasoning with Fools

They emerge neither as the mouthpieces of common sense nor as pompous fools, but as thoughtful, witty, and resourceful friends of the foolish protagonists whom Molire himself played. The book takes into account what is known of the performance styles of Molire's troupe of actors as well as engaging closely with the text of the plays and the critical debateto date.

The book is written with scholars, students, and interested theatre-goers in mind. This is the first book-length treatment of thetopic. Dom Juan and the hidden God. Molires Philosophy. Sociability Reason and Laughter.

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Aristotelian Pedants. Now thus far It may, by metaphor, apply itself Unto the general disposition : As when some one peculiar quality Doth so possess a man, that it doth draw All his effects, his spirits, and his powers, In their confluctions, all to run one way, This may be truly said to be a humour. Bene, bene, bene, bene respondere.

Dignus, dignus est entrare In nostro docto corpore. If we follow Nature as our guide, we shall never go astray, but we shall be pursuing that which is in its nature clear-sighted and penetrating Wisdom , that which is adapted to promote and strengthen society Justice , and that which is strong and courageous Fortitude. Your matter the Socratic pages can set forth, and when matter is in hand words will not be loath to follow. He who has learned what he owes his country and his friends, what love is due a parent, a brother, and a guest, what is imposed on senator and judge, what is the function of a general sent to war, he surely knows how to give each character his fitting part.