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Luckily, my health was in no danger, but I still left the office upset. This particular doctor made me feel as if there was nothing I could do, and I would just have this big read bump on my chest forever. OH, and that it could continue to grow which it did. For example…. My frustration led me to see a second opinion. This time, I left with happy tears. There was an available treatment that would drastically reduce redness, size, and irritation.

As happy that I am that it is getting smaller with these treatments, heres the real happy ending…. Self love. Cheesy, but true. So glad it was on Kindle Unlimited.

I was afraid to read, even though I already was going to be explanted remaining capsules a couple weeks later. Implants removed 5 yrs earlier from infection. Then recovery. Excellent last chapter. Need to rest. Thank you Tara! May 12, Jessica Romo rated it it was amazing.

So moving and beautifully written I could stop reading. Her story is raw, real and well written. This is a book that anyone who has breast implants or has a loved one who has them should read.

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Thank you to the author for being so brave to share her story. I know this will inspire so many women and bring comfort to many more. Mar 18, Jennifer Jaynes rated it it was amazing. Excellent Thanks for sharing your story!

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I am happy you are doing so much better. I am explanting in seven days I am a writer who has not been able to write for six months due to this Horrific sickness. Thanks so much for spreading awareness.

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You are making a huge difference for people like me. Feb 04, Margaret J.

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Aull rated it it was amazing. A great story of courage Tara has written about her life before, ,during and after breast implants. She wants her story to help others help themselves. She has told her story in a way that others will be able to relate too. Prayers to you, Tara. Apr 14, Jane Rimer rated it it was amazing.

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I just wept. Except for the slight age difference, this is my story. Written with authenticity and passion. A must read for anyone who has implants—and friends and family.

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