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From dependence to self-reliance and competence: One first year science teacher in a mentoring relationship. American Secondary Education, 28 2 , Student science teachers constructing practical knowledge from inservice science supervisors' stories. Journal of Science Teacher Education, 10 3 , Science supervisors' stories: A way to communicate pedagogical values.

Science Educator, 7 1 , Inservice science supervisors' assessments of a novice science teacher's videotaped lesson. The truancy training will address the referral process, proper documentation, linking students and parent with services and the State's Attorney's Office involvement. About developmentally appropriate classroom practices for specific ages and grades.

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How to support and evaluate kindergarten teachers throughout the KIDS implementation process. There are no pre-workshop assignments required. However, participants are encourage to become familiar with "purposeful play" prior to the workshop.

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How does it relate to the extraordinary behaviors and dysregulation we see daily in our children? What can I do to help children in my classroom tone down the behaviors and ramp up self-regulation skills? This workshop will connect why trauma imprints may have an impact on a child's learning and behavior. The presenter, a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, will also give hands on activites and suggestions to help teachers to connect to children in a positive way, while coaching them to master self-regulation skills.

This workshop will be active and will require participation in some of the activities.

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  • New Teacher Tip: Handling Challenging Behavior Problems!
  • Participants will be able to understand the impact of early adversity and how it shapes the developing bodies and brains of children. Participants will be able to recognize and increase the level of awareness of the fear response in children who have experienced trauma. Participants will increase their skill level of how to help children navigate overwhelming fear responses that may look like challenging behavior. This "Essentials of Technology" workshop is to bring K-8 St. Clair County technology educators together to look at the needs of preparing students to enter high school, college and possibly the workforce.

    We will be looking at Technology curriculum, websites, apps, and other ideas that meet ISTE standards with the goal of preparing students across the county to succeed in the future. County Institute: Art Teachers Unite! Come and network with your fellow creative teachers for a fun day of lesson sharing and planning, art making, and discussion! Bring any lesson ideas and samples you have digitally or actual samples to share with the group. If you have any old supplies that you can't bring yourself to get rid of but are tired of the space they're taking up in storage, bring it for a materials swap!

    Clair County Institute Day as you examine the following questions. How does culture affect the way students learn and do their best in school?

    How can we cultivate a school culture that is responsive to our students? How can discipline practices and principles bring out the best in our students? Social workers will acquire information, tools, strategies and develop a collaborative action plan to take back to their school community. Clair County PE Teachers. This session will be held at Smithton Elementary School, S. Hickory St, Smithton, IL. Participants please dress comfortably for the day. Join educator presenters from O. Online Physical Education Network who will partner with the American Heart Association to provide a workshop that will broaden and bolster the instructional capacity of physical education teachers with an in-depth look at the resources, games, materials in this free curriculum.

    Review language demands for reading comprehension. Identify various text structures. Gain strategies for comprehending narrative and expository text. Clair County K-8 Music Educators. Please join us for a day dedicated to exploring topics in music education. Session topics are: Music, Movement, and Emotion!

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    Being part of a creative experience enriches life. Let's create opportunities for our students.

    Or perhaps you joined us for our workshop last year to discuss the inquiry process and strategies? No matter your comfort level with inquiry, join us to discover tools and strategies to guide the planning of social science inquiry within the classroom!

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    In addition to discussing what inquiry is and why it's important, this session will focus on how to engage students in the social sciences using a five-stage inquiry process. A variety of strategies and resources to support inquiry will be provided including some NEW resources created in This two hour workshop is recommended for all school nurses and nurse aides.

    Participants should dress comfortably for the two hour hands-on-training. Stop the Bleed Training. Every day you walk into your school something amazing is bound to happen. Some days that awesome is easy to see, it comes in the form of laughter, academic progress, achieving goals, and building relationships with kids. Students who challenge everything the teacher says or does can distract the class by forcing it to focus on secondary issues.

    New Teachers: Classroom-Management Fundamentals

    It might be difficult not to reprimand a defiant student, however getting defensive or adopting a hostile attitude is not likely to solve the issue. Remain assertive and civil and focus on the primary issue. Sulking behavior is also a distraction for the teacher. This is one behavior that needs to be nipped in the bud immediately. Have a private discussion with the student as soon as you observe this behavior. More often than not, brooding students are unable to understand that they are being rude or socially unacceptable.

    Assess the reason behind the clinging habit before you address it. Another strategy is to have students ask their peers before they speak to you for clarification. Given that these are the five most persistent and frustrating issues most teachers face, adopting the right strategy for handling them should ensure that you have a class that is well behaved. New more hands on help? Here is an amazing video from the American Psychological Association for teachers looking for tips on how to deal with challenging behaviors. I think I would struggle keeping behavior in line if I was a teacher!

    There are a lot of students for just one teacher to manage! These strategies are great for teachers and I hope a lot of teachers see what you wrote so they can put your tips to use in the classroom. I think colleges need to better inform and prepare teachers for the behavior problems that may come their way to help increase student and teacher success.