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You will walk in the footsteps of Germanic tribes, Roman conquerors, Charlemagne and medieval rulers. From Caves to Cathedrals, May 4 th — 15 th Aachen: the town in which Charlemagne was crowned in and which became the political center of his empire. Aachen cathedral dates from , making it the oldest cathedral in northern Europe.

Cathedral Cave , Beyond the Show Cave

From Caves to Cathedrals, May 4 th — 15 th Wewelsburg: the only surviving triangular castle in Germany from the Renaissance. This ultimately led the Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus to give up plans for the conquest of Germania east of the Rhine. You just clipped your first slide!

The synthesis of Greek reason and Hebrew monotheism in the Christian era both stressing the need for human participation in a divine order through prayer and contemplation continued through the Middle Ages. But with the scientific revolution, man separated himself from nature and embraced an abstract way of thinking. The modern West, Barfield says, exchanged meaning for literalism, turning the things of this world from signs into idols.

Creation became a series of objects which operated like a machine. He illustrates this by imagining a clever child who is put inside an automobile. He points to the Romantics, who sought to move beyond the mechanistic deism of the eighteenth century and reconnect to nature as an organic unity—only to fall into a sort of sentimental pantheism.

Lewis and J.

Tolkien were engaged in a struggle to redeem Romanticism by grounding it in a more traditional theology. Near the end of her novel Wise Blood, after the formerly nihilistic protagonist, Hazel Motes, has experienced traumatic humiliation and begun a series of penitential practices, there is a description of his landlady, Mrs. She liked to see things. She could not make up her mind what would be inside his head and what out.

She thought of her own head as a switchbox where she controlled from; but with him, she could only imagine the outside in, the whole black world in his head and his head bigger than the world, his head big enough to include the sky and planets and whatever was or had been or would be. How would he know if time was going backwards or forwards or if he was going with it?


She imagined it was like you were walking in a tunnel and all you could see was a pin point of light. She saw it as some kind of star, like the star on Christmas cards. She saw him going backwards to Bethlehem and she had to laugh. Few of us these days are immune from thinking of our heads as switchboxes from which we operate the machinery of our lives, whether we are aware of it or not. But the world of objects, the world of mechanism, the dashboard-knowledge that has us all speeding around in circles, is hollow at the core, a desecrated altar, an abomination of desolation.

Giant Cathedral Caves (New Zealand) – Access + Tips + Photos

The good news is that a life of participation, however fitfully experienced, is still possible for us, albeit through discipline and effort. We can go back into the darkness of the cave and offer up our broken re-creations of the world on an altar and know that the broken, sacrificed god will meet us there. The Image archive is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts. Just excellent. But I think we all sense that modern man and his culture are plastic.


I and many others have been entering the still, dark cave of Godhead for years….. Issue Previous Archives. We can walk backward to Bethlehem. MrBiggsEsq on December 17, at pm. Daniel Taylor on December 18, at pm.

From Caves to Cathedrals

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