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Eventually, this could lead him to understand what he truly wants and what it would take to achieve it. To better understand this, imagine you are talking to an employee.

To prevent this, you need to create a safety bubble. That is, try to establish an environment of trust, one which will allow your employee to willingly listen to your criticism and work with you to make a change. So what can you do to create this kind of atmosphere and to let your employee know that you only want the very best for him? Go into the conversation completely focused on the present moment.

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Relax your body and free yourself from prejudices, worries or thoughts. The first step is to determine the goal of the conversation. The way to discover this goal is to start by asking specific questions to get the other person thinking about what he truly needs to solve his problem. This is important because, to get a sense of what a person is thinking and feeling about the problem, you need to know his perspective on relevant past events. The idea is to draw out the biases that prevent your partner from finding a solution to the problem at hand.

Imagine this scenario.

'How I found my discomfort zone' - Healthista

An owner of a small company decides to sell. Is the discomfort zone conversation over once the other person becomes aware of their biases and finds a solution for the problem at hand? Of course not! The student would be asked to demonstrate her understanding by completing the problem on her own.

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So back to our conversation. The best way to make sure your partner still remembers what you discussed is to actually let him verbalize it. This step should address the initial goal of the conversation. However, you should still agree on some kind of commitment, even if that means scheduling a time to have another conversation. If you want someone to change their perspective, you have to create a safe space.

This way, the other person will be comfortable exploring the negative emotions that prevent them from finding solutions to difficult problems. Many people find it difficult to use their head brain, their heart brain and their gut brain all at the same time. To do so, take a few moments to empty your mind. Breath in and out, visualize a glowing ball floating through your brain, to your heart and then into your abdomen. The Discomfort Zone Key Idea 2: To truly listen to another person, you need to use your head, your heart and your gut. This leader had been successfully doing business for decades.

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He was arguable iconic in many ways. He had built a business that stretched across Western Canada, with Kelowna being the epicenter of his empire.

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I respected him as a man, as a leader, as an entrepreneur, and I wanted to learn from him. He shared his journey with me from being a terrified young man stepping out into the great big world of business, to now being an elderly man still engaged in his business after decades of success — big success. This particular entrepreneur realized that his comfort zone was actually his discomfort zone.

He had to keep pushing himself. If he began to coast, if he allowed himself to sit back and take it easy he would be miserable. What was the big project he needed to undertake in order to keep moving forward? Strength is forged in the fires of your soul. Our culture is consumed with the desire for a comfortable and convenient life. However, comfort and convenience are deadly to creating exceptional businesses, exceptional leaders and exceptional people.

Micro Class: Romancing Your Discomfort Zone

True strength and personal growth and development are uncomfortable and inconvenient. Great leaders understand that their growth, and the growth of their people is found in our discomfort zone. We must choose to step out of that which is comfortable to become uncomfortable in order to grow.

‘How I found my discomfort zone’

We need to quit settling for less than we are capable of because we are too committed to our personal comfort. Where have you chosen to remain comfortable and you know you need to choose to step up, and step out into your discomfort zone in order to become more than you are right now? And, perhaps you find yourself in an uncomfortable scenario not of your choosing.