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Yonkers is Bonkers! Swing, Sloth! National Geographic Readers: Frogs! National Geographic Readers: Slither, Snake! National Geographic Readers: Snakes! No, David! Now or Never! When Laurel, hurt, muttered, I think it looks okay, her mother had glanced up from the eggs she was scrambling. Laurel will make a fine wife and mother someday. Well, I failed at that, too, Laurel thought ruefully. At thirty she was still single and childless while Claudia had married ten years ago and now awaited her third child.

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Ever sensitive to her moods, April pawed at her leg, jerking her back to the moment. Laurel smiled. Enough of this self-pity.

Time to leave the past behind and get on with the day. Who wants Alpo? Both dogs knew the word and bolted from the bedroom. Laurel shook her head.

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They would not respond to Come, Heel, Stay, or Sit. Any word dealing with food, however, elicited immediate action. She walked into the kitchen, which always cheered her up with its shining oak cabinets, stretches of pristine white Formica, and carefully placed, lush plant arrangements that gave color and life to what could have been a large, cold room. She put on coffee and while it brewed fixed food and water for April and Alex.


When the coffee finished brewing, she carried a cup over to the glass-enclosed breakfast nook. The view beyond was chilling. Acres of snow-covered ground and bare tree limbs stretching against a gunmetal gray sky. Remember, only ten more shopping days to go! Usually she had her shopping done by now, but this year had been hectic at the store.


The phone rang and she jumped, then closed her eyes. Mom and Dad, of course. They checked up on her frequently, though. A moment later her mother was jabbering happily and repeating everything Laurel said to her father. Hal, she says they have snow. Back to Laurel. I hope not, Laurel said silently.

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