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The protagonists of the books are usually well-to-do teenagers who deal with threats both supernatural and completely human. Since most of the books all take place in the same town, it isn't unusual for characters from one book to be mentioned in passing in another. A total of thirteen series covering books have been published, either written by RLStine or ghost writers. These series include:.

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They call her evil, and say she has unnatural powers. Leah does have the strange talent of being able to communicate with animals. Read more 4. The Hidden Evil by R. Stine series Fear Street Saga 5 Timothy has a dangerous story to tell. A story with powers to awaken the worst evil imaginable—the evil in the heart of a child. House of Whispers by R. Their New Orleans mansion is beautiful—but Amy senses something evil there. Something that watches her. Waits for her. Will Amy be strong enough to escape the powers controlled by the Fear family? Daughters of Silence by R.

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Stine series Fear Street Saga 6 Summoning the dark powers of their family to bring back their dead daughters, Angelica and Simon Fear unflinchingly begin an act of black magic that calls for the sacrifice of two innocent girls. Forbidden Secrets by R. Stine series Fear Street Saga 3 The dark power of the Fear family consumes all those connected with it. She marries Tyler Fear. But then she goes with him to Blackrose Manor.

Shadyside Snark: Fear Street Saga: Daughters of Silence, or “Why So Boneless?”

Dance of Death by R. Stine series Fear Street Saga 8 After the bizarre deaths of her parents, Madeline never expects to feel happy again. Then she falls in love with Justin Fier, a handsome young doctor. She is warned away from Justin by a young man no one else sees, and an old woman everyone things is crazy. They tell her Justin is a man driven by an evil quest that destroys any woman who dares to love him. Is it too late? Can Madeline escape the I have to say, it was really exciting. I enjoyed it.

Did you give them any advice? Jack came in to New York. Actually flew in in a blizzard last winter and we had lunch. He came just to look at me.

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It was kind of weird. We hit it off right away.

We had a nice time, but he just wanted to look and see, figure out what he could do. They had to clean him up a bit. Make him look more square. We gave him short hair and he had to wear the black costume like I wear, that kind of stuff. You know I did those four babysitter books? Those would be good. Well, we started out we would only kill one a book. Then it lost control. Everyone loves it. They love it when you kill teenagers.

And somebody turns it on? People bring that up to me all the time.

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Somebody put a pin in her lipstick and she goes to put on lipstick and she cuts her lips up. People bring that up to me a lot. They have heart, and they have charm. The combination of scariness and funniness. When I read the script, I did give comments to make sure that it never gets too scary. If something really frightening starts, something funny happens. I think all my books have that kind of balance between funniness and scariness.

I just wanted to make sure that the movie has that balance, and it does. About Us. Brand Publishing. Times News Platforms. Real Estate. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. Jack Black, left, and R. Meredith Woerner. Meredith Woerner is the former editor for Hero Complex.