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But she is no longer there. She worked well into her 80s, I think, not retiring long before she died at Cosmopolitan has changed.

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It seems sensationally slutty. You want straightforward, read the sex guide by Paul Joannides. First time I read one by a man.

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I gotta admit, even as a lifelong childfree single, that I would enjoy a good movie, or a Mai Tai at a tiki bar with good company, more than eating yet another pint of ice cream. I agree!

Helen Gurley Brown is one of my all-time heroes. She was way ahead of her time as an advocate for women being liberated from the idea that their only choice in life was to marry the richest man they could stomach and start having babies. The idea that you could pursue other options and stay single and even enjoy a great sex life was pretty much unheard of when Brown became the editor of Cosmo and took it to the pinnacle of its glory days.

I coveted that Bedside Astrology Guide like it was going to bring me Mr. Right Now.

Why twenty-something women still have it worse than their predecessors

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Bad Boys II - Television Store Scene

Editor's Blog , Singular People. Share More Articles You Might Like. Staying Single to Pursue Your Passion. Getting Married for the Perks. Since its founding in , Cosmopolitan has been reporting on modern social trends.

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Get Cosmopolitan digital magazine subscription today. Our iCals are filled with high-stakes meetings, fashion shows, photo shoots with shirtless guys, natch , and selfies—all the selfies.

"I once made out with my boyfriend's brother!"

Of course, we all have those days when we struggle to pull it together think: outfit covered in latte stains—not so chic. The easiest way to stand apart from the pack? An expertly applied swipe of mascara— serious lashes leave no doubt about who is in charge.

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  • Start by activating this icon right here—I have a message for you! Yes, they are the windows to the soul. You may recognize her from…. Crazy dreams guaranteed.