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The player is immune to fire while the guns are held. Crystal Horn Luxin Cannon Unicorn Horn Luxin Cannon gets three crystal shots at the end of each magazine, and each crystal shot bursts into many more crystals.

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Additionally, when an enemy is killed with Unicorn Horn, they explode into Luxin Cannon projectiles. Dueling Pistol fires a wide spread of 4 bullets alongside its normal shots. Detective Magnum 38 Special Magnum The guns are dual-wielded. The police officer will also reveal the contents of nearby chests. Diazepam Muscle Relaxant One of the following: A. While Flare Gun is held, random enemies will periodically have explosions erupt around them, damaging them and hurting other enemies around them.

Empty Vessels Bottle Holey Grail If damage is taken while Bottle is empty, it fills with a purple flame that deals damage to all enemies in the room upon use. Fightknives Fightsabre Knife Shield Activating Knife Shield while holding Fightsabre makes the spawned knives reflect bullets before getting destroyed. Knives spawned this way are tinted green.

Reloading while standing on a liquid replenishes the ammo missing in the current magazine, similar to Gungine. Frostier Distraction Explosive Decoy Heart of Ice Decoy freezes enemies that attack it and explodes after a short period. Frosty the Bullet Tyrant Snowballer Frost Bullets Snowballer shots increase in size and damage the further they travel. Full Circle Tangler Rolling Eye Tangler becomes round, turns enemies round instead of rectangular, and gains increased damage and reload time. Garbage Collecting Trashcannon Unity Hitting an enemy with Trashcannon causes it and its bullets to briefly freeze.

Modes can be switched by reloading Megahand with a full magazine.

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  5. Get Equipped with -F- Megahand One of the following: Camera Aged Bell Enables Time Stopper mode, which fires a flash that stops time for a second and deals damage to all enemies on screen when fully charged. Killing enemies in this mode spawns leaves that orbit the player, blocking enemy shots. Flipping a golden table will cause all normal enemies in the room to drop 2 to 6 extra upon death.

    Golden tables will not automatically flip due to Table Tech Money. Gunderlord Ice Breaker Patriot Patriot shots are connected with electricity. Ice Breaker fires single high-velocity shots instead of shotgun spreads, and Ice Breaker ammo slowly regenerates over time. Hail, Satan! Demon Head Pitchfork Demon Head gains piercing. Nail Gun deals triple damage. H4mmer gets 5 hammer shots at the end of every magazine. Light Gun has a chance to regenerate ammo when hitting enemies. Hyper Light Blaster takes on the appearance of Zaliska. Heavy Jolt Jolter Heavy Bullets Jolter changes appearance, gains increased knockback and increased accuracy.

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    This bonus stacks with the damage from Silver Bullets, for a total of Hornucopia Banana Charm Horn Banana splits into 5 new bananas instead of 3 upon impact, one of which will explode into 4 more bananas. Using Charm Horn fires a banana at each enemy it charms.

    Hyper Beam Heroine Pig When Pig dies, Heroine's ammo is fully refilled and it temporarily switches to Hyper Beam mode, where uncharged shots deal 80 damage and charged shots deal damage. Heroine will automatically revert to its original form after 30 seconds. I need scissors!

    Ice Accumulation Snowballets One of the following: Cold 45 Ice Breaker Significantly increases the size of the gun's shots, and increases the amount of damage they gain from Snowballets. Modes can be switched by reloading Heroine with a full magazine. In The Mood! Insight Huntsman Trick Gun A creature appears at entrances to secret rooms, revealing their location. It's Your Destiny The Exotic Ice Breaker Ice Breaker fires single high-velocity shots instead of shotgun spreads, and slowly regenerates ammo over time.

    The Exotic's rockets split into 14 smaller rockets instead of 7. VertebraeK can freeze enemies. Doubles Quad Laser's shot speed and triples its reload time. Kage Bunshin Shadow Bullets Decoy Using Decoy spawns a shadow clone of the player that mirrors their movements and fires towards the crosshair whenever the player fires. Metronome's icon color goes from red to purple to grey instead of ending at red. Also grants 1. Land Among The Stars Moonscraper Crescent Crossbow Killing enemies with Moonscraper has a chance to send out three planets, which damage enemies and start orbiting the player if they fail to hit an enemy.

    Each shot bounces once. The last shot of each magazine fires a fish that flops around on the ground and fires at enemies. Its magazine size increases to 32, its maximum ammo increases to , its fire rate greatly increases, and it deals half damage. Increases movement speed. Changes appearance to resemble an M While holding Marakov, it occasionally fires a homing bullet at an enemy for free. Reloading the gun with a full magazine cycles through the unlocked modes. Green fire does not damage the player, and enemies that touch green fire are permanently aflame. Using Big Boy refills Gamma Ray ammo.

    This has an approximate 5 second cooldown. Mmmmmmmmm MMMMmm! Moonplanet Mr. Accretion Jr.

    2 BoarBuster™ Traps Dropping at the Same Time: 45 Pigs Captured

    Moonscraper A moon orbits the player that blocks enemy shots. Nailed It! The player is immune to electricity while Mutation is held. Orrery Mr. Orbital Bullets Planets fired by Mr. Outer Limits Mr. Singularity Firing three planets into Singularity's black hole causes it to explode and deal damage to all enemies in the room.

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    Paper Lanterns Balloon Gun Origuni While holding either gun in a room with enemies, paper lanterns periodically spawn, which drift towards enemies and deal damage. Parchmental Origuni Map Each Origuni shot fires two maps. Particle Accelerator Particulator Laser Sight Whenever a smaller bullet hits an enemy, a laser is automatically fired in its direction. Plasma Beam Heroine Hot Lead Enables Plasma Beam mode, which fires a fire laser when uncharged and a large piercing fire projectile when charged. Poseigun Trident Crown of Guns Trident fires a spread of three beams per shot, no longer benefits from rolling, has its magazine size increased to 8, and has its fire rate reduced greatly.

    Crown of Guns randomly fires Trident beams.


    Powerhouse of the Cell Evolver Antibody Evolver evolves one stage. A bonfire spawns in every Shop and elevator to the next floor. If the player dies, they will respawn at the last bonfire they activated instead of at the start of the floor. Quad Laser's shots become rectangles and travel faster. Pairs of bullets are fired alongside the laser.

    Massively reduces ammo consumption.

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    Recycling Bin Starpew Trashcannon Trashcannon becomes a recycling bin with higher damage and a larger magazine size, and no longer creates poison projectiles. Player will gain a yellow glow and stat increase similar to that of Macho Brace for a short time whenever Red Guon Stone blocks a bullet. This prevents items from being stolen when they're left behind in rooms. II The two guns are combined to form Rubenstein's Monster. Can be used to open locked chests.

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    Savior of the Universe Flash Ray Camera Flash Ray's shots gain unlimited piercing, a thicker beam, one bounce, and increased fire rate. When reloaded from an empty clip, Flash Ray produces a flash that hits all enemies in the room, like Camera. Camera fires 2 laser beams when fired. Serious Sam Publishing Contract Devolver Serious Cannon Alongside the standard cannonball, Serious Cannon fires a screaming man who chases enemies and explodes on contact. Serious Cannon also gains a chance to "Devolve" enemies. When they reload one of them, the orbiting Demon Head fires at nearby enemies.