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Where the Possibilities are Endless

There is nothing funny about the controversies surrounding Warner Brothers' "Joker" movie. Body costumes, however, have generally been allowed. The response outraged those who sent the letter.

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In , Warner Bros. This image released by Warner Bros. The music that accompanies the images evokes passages of science-fiction films or nature documentaries. The banknote is immersed in a kind of fantastic journey; its sinuous and captivating movement transports us to a free and steady fall that hypnotizes us with its voluptuous dance and eventually hits bottom, camou aged in this strange environment.

The drifting bank-note can be seen as a metaphor for the fascination for money in contemporary society, as well as an image of the drifting economic system. In any case, it is clear that neither the current economic system nor the economy as a discipline are natural realities existing throughout human history, as its leading proponents seem to forget in order to defend positions that allow the accu- mulation of wealth in very few hands management and economic power exerted on the control of human communities.

It seems that we are sailing the crest of the wave of contemporary art, anything goes, is total freedom, the languages of art are immeasurable, more and more art speaks to us from deeper and deeper corners within ourselves from our individual perception, our emotional baggage and our knowledge.

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Through the psychological phenomenon of pareidolia a random or vague stimulus is mistakenly perceived as a recognizable form, as in a Rorschach test or as when we recognize shapes in the clouds, some abstract proposals cease to be so and other abstractions are suddenly figurative. This exhibition aims to initiate a conversation about the concepts we take for concrete, such as the letters that make up this text, the materials of which this sheet is composed, or short-lived abstractions, such as a paint stain that is suddenly a figuration, or an abstract figure on a banking screen that for a moment meant one euro and suddenly means nothing.

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It is essential to create a space to do nothing or do useless things, to be able to get lost and look inside oneself in a way decontaminated of pragmatism, profitability or benefit. Nothing Room or Noting Room. Nothing: "emptiness" and Noting: "observe". Self-taught illiteracy? I do not know, it will be a puzzle for me and for you.

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To ask not what it means, but to articulate reality. To leave incomplete, so that, it is not; because when it is, it closes in on itself.

AURORA - Runaway

Always on the edge of an impossible confidence. Incessant suspension of the answer. Losing the language to reinvent worlds, although many times the imagination is confused with misinterpretation.

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The content inhibits but you can not continue without it. There is content but the content is not solving a problem. The content is building a reason to do that.

Aurora has elevated the standard of luxury apartment living. Choose from chic urban flats, one-, two- or three-bedroom residences all featuring sleek, upgraded finishes. Experience designer city living at the center of it all at Aurora. Aurora boasts a dynamic collection of lifestyle-inspired amenities.

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Take on an instructor led yoga class in our Studio, or spend the day working from home in our Business Center. Every detail thoughtfully planned to enhance your living experience.


Downtown Tampa boasts a thriving and diverse culinary scene! Check out these top-rated local eateries just minutes from Aurora.